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Domestic and Commercial Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Cleaning carpets and rugs is essential to keep them presentable and hygienic and odour free. Fleas and dust mites live in dirty carpets and rugs, our cleaning methods will also remove these, essential if you have pets at home. Frequent vacuuming will remove most of the surface dirt, but regular professional deep cleaning is necessary. You wont believe the difference the deep clean makes, your carpets will appear as new!

We professionally clean all of your household carpets, suites and soft furnishings. Also Carpets and seating areas in pubs, clubs, restaurants, rental properties, care homes, nurseries and many more.

All our cleaning services are carried out to the highest standard using the latest hi-tech Hot Water Extraction equipment.

Upholstery Cleaning 

Graham Walker Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can remove stains and spills while restoring the colour and extending the life of any soft furnishings at your home or business. Using our Hot Water Extraction, environmentally friendly furniture cleaning equipment, our fully insured experts can save you the cost of replacing your furniture. Even the deepest grease and dirt stains can be removed.

Sofas, couches, upholstered chairs and benches in many materials such as Micro fibre, Cotton, Polyester and even leather can be cleaned and conditioned at a very competitive price.